What will you do?

Day one (well serious day one...) back at work for 2017.

See the trouble is, when you work for yourself, from home, what really classifies as a break? You're still in the office, and still working should you be called upon but nevertheless the new year signifies an opportunity to set a new standard.

So what are you going to do this year? This week? Or even just today?

Here's a template to get you started, make it as complicated or as simple as you want.

I'm not out to change the world with mine... 1. Eat more veggies 2. Drink less (notice how neither of them are measurable, no chance of failure here!)

Design, marketing - I don't get it?

It’s been brought to my attention that some of you don’t know exactly what it is that I ‘do’. 
That’s cool, I get it, I mean it’s easy to understand what an electrician does (wiring and stuff), what a shop keeper does (sell stuff), what a truck driver does (drive trucks) it’s all nice and self explanatory. 
But what about a Graphic Designer and Marketing Consultant… what do they do?!
I’ll attempt to explain, because how on earth would you know if I could help you with your business if you don’t know what it is that I actually do… here’s goes:

- I help you tell people about your business so you can make more money
- I design logos
- I make websites
- I put your logo on your website that I’ve made
- I put your logo on flyers, brochures, signage, business cards, loyalty cards, gift voucher (the list goes on) that I have designed
- I organise the printing of your ‘stuff’ so it looks awesome
- I design wedding invitations
- I organise printing of wedding invitations
- I design signage
- I book advertising
- I design advertising
- I design your social media (Facebook pages)
- I manage your social media pages so you don’t have to
- I can teach you about improving your customer service experience (that one’s a bit tricky, more on that to come!)

Still not sure, drop me a line and see!