Design, marketing - I don't get it?

It’s been brought to my attention that some of you don’t know exactly what it is that I ‘do’. 
That’s cool, I get it, I mean it’s easy to understand what an electrician does (wiring and stuff), what a shop keeper does (sell stuff), what a truck driver does (drive trucks) it’s all nice and self explanatory. 
But what about a Graphic Designer and Marketing Consultant… what do they do?!
I’ll attempt to explain, because how on earth would you know if I could help you with your business if you don’t know what it is that I actually do… here’s goes:

- I help you tell people about your business so you can make more money
- I design logos
- I make websites
- I put your logo on your website that I’ve made
- I put your logo on flyers, brochures, signage, business cards, loyalty cards, gift voucher (the list goes on) that I have designed
- I organise the printing of your ‘stuff’ so it looks awesome
- I design wedding invitations
- I organise printing of wedding invitations
- I design signage
- I book advertising
- I design advertising
- I design your social media (Facebook pages)
- I manage your social media pages so you don’t have to
- I can teach you about improving your customer service experience (that one’s a bit tricky, more on that to come!)

Still not sure, drop me a line and see!

Adria Green