Gone are the days when word of mouth was enough to keep your business growing. Even in small towns, a quality website is a must. More competition, and people moving to the area, all mean you can’t rely on past customers and the occasional ad in print or radio as your sole source of marketing – the future is digital.

 In Digital Marketing 101, I’ll be covering some of the core aspects of creating an online presence for your business, explained without the tech-speak. The services at Grahn Creative have helped companies take their first steps into an online world and worked with established brands to improve their existing digital marketing. So, whether you’re entirely new to this, or it’s simply time for an update, you’re in the right place. 


Here I’m diving into some of the most common faux pas found on websites today and how hiring the right website designer can help.

5 Common Mistakes In Website Design

Let’s face it – with modern technology, anyone can build a website. But can they build a good website? There are many amateur and even professionally-designed websites out there that simply aren’t fit for purpose – I’m sure you’ll have your own examples that jump to mind. Slow, clunky and tired-looking sites send customers a message, but it might not be the one you’re aiming for. 

 Your site is your most prominent digital marketing asset; it’s the storefront that greets potential customers and tells them everything they need to know about your business. Make sure you’re appealing to your window shoppers with a website that is easy to navigate, informative and visually appealing. 


Start by avoiding these five common web design mistakes:


Images are an essential part of any website – we’re visual creatures and like to be wowed by graphics and colour. But images can also dramatically slow down your website. An ideal load time is 0-4 seconds, with conversion rates dropping by an average of 4.42% with each second of load time. 

Check out your speed with a tool like this one from Google. It will give you comprehensive details on how you can improve your speed.


Globally, 68.1% of all website visits are from mobile phones, yet many websites aren’t optimised for mobile. Any web designer worth their salt will build your website in a way that ensures it looks great whether it’s accessed on a mobile phone, desktop or tablet. This doesn’t just cover the layout of your website but also where on the page key information can be found. 


White space is an essential feature in any visual design, and websites are no exception. Where and whether to leave white space on a webpage can make a massive difference to its look and feel. Too much, and the site looks bare and poorly thought out. Too little, and the site can look cluttered and chaotic. Choose a website designer that knows where the sweet spot is. 


Content can be a sticking point for many businesses. It’s important to be concise, but you should also ensure that your website answers all potential customers’ questions. You should also follow SEO best practices regarding word count, keyword optimisation and headings, all of which a good website designer can give you a steer on. 

 Keep an eye out for “Digital Marketing 101: 5 Content Mistakes To Avoid”, which will cover this in more detail.


A worrying number of websites have no prominent CTA (call to action). What is the purpose of your site? Do you want customers to make a purchase, confirm a booking or pick up the phone? If you have a clear goal for your website, this should be woven throughout every page, and your site visitors should be in no doubt about the next steps. Does your website have well placed CTAs at decision-making points along the UX pathway? 


Not Your Idea Of Fun? Hire The Right Website Designer  

As tempting as it can be to save money by designing your site yourself or using a friend of a friend, you will always get a better result with a professional website designer. A website is far too important a marketing tool to cut corners, and your visitors will notice.

 At Grahn Creative, I approach each and every project with fresh eyes, learning what makes your business unique and building a customised website that demonstrates this to customers. From the initial website design to content creation, SEO, PPC and other digital advertising channels, I can support your business through your online journey. 

 Get in touch to learn more and we can tackle it together.