You’ve made it. We’re really glad you’re here.

Your business is thriving, you’ve built a powerful brand with a loyal following. Life’s good, right? 

The world is moving quickly, and right now, it’s more important than ever to stop and take stock, making sure you have solid foundations for your continued success. It’s time to think about how to market things differently.

Digital Marketing Review


Do you stack up against the competition?

We’ve been online, taking a look around and we noticed what your competitors are up to – it’s impressive stuff. But because we’ve known you for a long time – we know what you’re doing is even better!

We’d love the opportunity to do a deep dive into your online experience and help you identify opportunities to take your digital marketing to a new level – a level that matches your offline brand experience. 

It’s all about perception: We want your online presence to match the quality of your products and service. But how do we do it? Get ready to think about things a little bit differently!

Let's Review Your Online Experience

Let’s conduct a detailed assessment of your current online activities. We’ll analyse every aspect from website design and functionality to content effectiveness, messaging and user experience. We’ll review your ranking in relevant search results, we’ll find areas for growth and new ways of leveraging the power of the internet to maintain your business momentum.

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Website Design & Functionality:

We’ll evaluate the visual appeal and user experience of your website, making sure it’s engaging your audience.

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We’ll review your website content, assessing its relevance, clarity, and persuasiveness.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

We’ll analyse your website’s SEO performance, identifying keywords, meta-structure and information architecture.

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Social Media Presence:

We’ll do a review of your social media channels, examining audience, branding, and content marketing strategy.

What's happens next?

At the conclusion of our analysis – we’ll present a detailed summary of our findings. This will provide you with an actionable strategy to move forward with your online presence – with purpose!

Your action strategy will include recommendations on the following:

✔️ Website improvements to improve the usability, engagement and perception of your brand.

✔️ Keyword opportunities to improve your visibility in search results.

✔️ Content/Messaging improvements to amplify your message and improve your brand authority.

✔️ Recommendations to leverage the power of social media to connect with your audience.

Ready to market things differently? Here's the detail:

Digital Review and Road Map

Letting Grahn Creative take a look under the hood of your online presence is an investment in your continued success.

$1879 for a road map to increase your brand’s visibility online. 

Don’t let your competitors leave you behind online. Let us guide you towards a more impactful online strategy.

Ready to market things differently? We are!