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Is your website lagging behind the competition? If you suspect that your website could be performing better, the chances are, you’re probably right. Company websites often fall to the bottom of the collective “to-do” list, and it doesn’t take long for it to become outdated and underperforming. It’s a great idea to perform regular a website health check to keep tabs on your performance.

With this FREE Website Health Check

I’ll give you step-by-step actions to triage your site, identifying problem areas and sharing actionable fixes that are more than just bandaids. In just 30 minutes, you’ll find out what actions you need to take to improve your website. Or, you’ll know it’s time to pull the plug and start fresh.

So, what’s in the website health check?

  • Find out if your messaging is fit for purpose.
  • Check for broken links and dead ends

  • Understanding your business’s target keywords.

  • Improving credibility with an SSL certificate

  • Testing site functionality across different devices.

  • Making sure Google knows you exist!

Let’s make your website the powerful marketing tool it should be.

Your FREE website health checklist. 
Does your website tick all the boxes? 
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Need more than just a few edits to get you back on track?

If you have encountered more than just a few tweaks to get your website back in good health. Check out my Digital Audit & Strategy Service.

I’ll dive deeply into the back end of your digital presence, unearthing the opportunities at your fingertips. I’ll provide you with a path to digital marketing success for you to go forth and conquer!

Does your website need a redesign?

Perhaps it’s time to bring your website into the 21st century. If a website redesign or restructuring would solve all your digital marketing woes, check out my web design service.


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